Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Patch 1.3: Join Custom Game Interface Improvements

Games are now organized into several pages to make finding your desired game type more intuitive and user-friendly.
  • You’ll find a Most Popular section which includes all game types. The most played games will be placed at the top for you.
  • The Featured section will be a collection of new games we think are fun. Our latest picks will be shown here.
  • If you want to browse through Custom Games based on a specific category you find the most entertaining, select the By Category criteria.
  • If you fancy searching for potentially fun game types that haven't yet attained Most Popular status, check out the Up & Coming section. The results you’ll find here consist of games your peers are starting to recommend frequently.
  • You can also have a go at recommending Custom Games to others by trying Fun or Not. Players who choose this option will automatically be matched together for a specific Custom Game which meets some minimum requirements. Once finished, you’ll be asked whether or not you want to recommend the game you just played. Your recommendations using the Fun or Not system will directly influence the Up & Coming section. This is a great way to play and help promote fun custom maps that may have otherwise flown under the radar.
  • At any time while using these various categories for finding Custom Games, you can bookmark your favorite games to easily find and play them again later. Just select the Bookmark page to find all of the games you’ve stored.
  • Finally, if you know the title of the specific Custom Game you’re looking for, a search option has been added to the Join Custom Game interface.

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